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Sujoy Ghosh Says No Film Planned With Alia Bhatt Or Jacqueline Fernandez; Focus Is ‘Anukul’

Sujoy Ghosh Alia Bhat

Sujoy Ghosh has quashed rumours that Alia Bhatt turned down his script. He said he hadn’t approached her with a film in the first place. 


Hindustan Times quotes Sujoy saying, “It was just a friendly meeting with Alia. We didn’t discuss any script. Can’t I even meet people and chat? And how could I even offer her a script when I don’t have one ready at the moment. I am just working on it. So there is no question of her rejecting it.” Earlier in April, Sujoy had said the same thing  – that he hadn’t discussed any scripts with Alia. 

However, last month reports surfaced that Sujoy Ghosh was looking to cast Alia Bhatt in his next film, after Kahaani 2’s lackluster performance at the box-office. Sujoy reportedly believed that Alia Bhatt’s star power and track record would help him deliver a hit but Alia turned him down because she did not like his script. A source told Asian Age, “Sujoy approached Alia with a script which she turned down. The actress was excited to work with Sujoy but declined the offer when she heard the script as she didn’t find it good enough”


There were also rumours that Sujoy might work with Jacqueline Fernandez again, after 2009’s Aladin. However, Sujoy refuted that too. He said, “At the moment, it’s in the nascent stage. Hence, there is nothing much to talk about. Alia is a stupendous actor and I would love to work with her. But there is nothing on the cards currently. Also, there is no film with Jacqueline right now. She is a friend and working with her again would be a pleasure.”

After Kahaani 2, Sujoy is currently working on a short film called Anukul, based on a story written by Satyajit Ray. 

Feature Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times