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Sun Music VJs Draw Condemnation For Mocking Suriya’s Height

Suriya At The Thaanaa Serndha Koottam Press Meet

In a segment that aired earlier today on the Sun Music television channel, two video jockeys –  Sangeetha and Nivedhitha – joked about actor Suriya Sivakumar’s height, drawing loud condemnation from the Tamil film fraternity. Discussing Suriya’s upcoming films, the hosts discussed how Amitabh Bachchan has been approached to act in Suriya’s next film directed by KV Anand and wondered aloud about how the two would look together on screen, with remarks about high-heeled shoes and exaggerated neck stretching to get their point across.


Their point? Bachchan is 6′ 2″, Suriya is 5′ 7″, about as tall as the average Tamil hero.

Suriya’s height – perhaps unfairly – has been the subject of ribbing before, and the actor himself made self-deprecating references to his stature in the recently released Thaana Serndha Kootam.  What the anchors did in this case was to bring a tired old cliche to television, the segment made for boring viewing.

Equally tired perhaps was the reaction of the film fraternity to the segment, with several issuing puzzling statements condemning the anchors. Vishal Krishna, the president of the Nadigar Sangam, described the comments as “unethical and senseless,” and actor Karunakaran called the anchors out of their lack of skills.


Producer SR Prabhu chimed in too, asking why nobody at Sun TV was interested in the size of the brain.

The tweets – including some from celebrity promoters – set off a chain reaction. Several fans reacted with vitriol, issuing “last warnings” and threatening the VJs on Twitter with comments like “alinju poyiruve” (You will be destroyed).

The two VJs have not reacted to the controversy so far and there has been no statement from Sun Music yet. Suriya, however, stood tall among the mess, choosing to ignore the controversy.