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Suniel Shetty Doesn’t Think Nepotism Is A Bad Thing

Suniel Shetty believes that nepotism has its benefits. He told Indian Express,

“I am someone who treats everybody the same. My daughter had her first chance, but her second film is very much because of her own merit, because of the patience that she has, her thought process. It’s fantastic. I came through a struggle and if my kids have a certain advantage then why not. Every child looks at his father and that’s exactly what the father showcases. A politician’s son wants to be a politician, a CEO’s son wants to be a CEO. Why are we separating, alienating and running down cinema?”

Shetty also thinks that the nepotism debate is all about getting more attention.


“The debate on nepotism is there because stars get spoken about. Why don’t they talk about anything else? Because nobody reads. It’s TRPs, eyeballs, it’s bullshit and all created. I have seen that struggle and I am helping those kids, who are going through that struggle. So, why will I believe in that (nepotism). Why doesn’t everyone start doing that? Support new talent,” he added.

Shetty had recently started an online platform that offers jobs to aspiring artistes.

Feature Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times