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Suniel Shetty Thinks Social Media Is Blowing The Nepotism Debate Out Of Context

Suniel Shetty, Silent

A few months ago, Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty said that nepotism isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He also declared that the nepotism debate is all about getting more attention. Echoing similar thoughts in a recent interview with the Indian Express, Shetty said that right now, the topic is simply being blown out of context.


“Everybody has somebody in life, not only in Bollywood but in any industry. A politician will nurture his kids to be a politician. A civil officer would want his kids to be in the same career because of respect, security and the uniform. A doctor would say ‘my career is the best.’ So, it’s natural. They want their kids to be in the same field because they know all about it and have their comfort in that career. Similarly, for me, acting was comfortable. If they (Athiya and Ahan) had chosen something else, I would worry. So this thing about actors’ kids getting into acting is something that is happening everywhere in the world and in every field. Why question Bollywood? This is happening because of the social media world,” he declared.

The topic about nepotism first emerged when Kangana Ranaut famously accused Karan Johar of being a “flag bearer of nepotism in Bollywood” in his chat show. The comment stirred a debate on whether such a practice existed in the industry, forcing many to take sides on the topic. 


Expressing his views on offering advice to the current generation, Shetty was firm that it doesn’t really need any. “This generation gives you tips. I am at a stage where I am scared of my parents because of respect and scared of my children too. I am at a sandwich state. So, I learn from them. They are my best friends. It is a fast evolving period. I am learning from them but I am still a dehaati (uncivilised) when it comes to technology.”

Currently the host of Super Boxing League team, Shetty also recently started an online platform that offers jobs to aspiring artistes.