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Suriya Denies Being A Part Of Malaysian Hindu Event

Suriya has denied certain reports in the Malaysian media, which claimed that he had charged an exorbitant amount of money to participate in an event in Malaysia called the ‘Maha Hindu Youth Unity Festival’. In a statement, Suriya said that he had not even heard of the event, and would not, in any case, participate in a religious event.


“I was not aware of any such event, and nor did I receive any invitation for it. We artistes are beyond religion, caste, and creed. Being an artiste, there is no chance of me agreeing to be a part of an event which is centered around religion,” he said in the statement.

“Furthermore, I have participated in many events held for social awareness, education, development, and other causes, and I have never charged any money for that. I do not believe in accepting money to participate in such events.  Reports about me demanding lakhs of rupees are completely false,” he added. Suriya also said that if the event organisers used his name without proper authorization, he would take legal action against them.