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Suriya Donates Rs. 10 Lakhs To Nadigar Sangam Fund

Actor Suriya, who is currently shooting for 24, has donated Rs.10 lakhs to the Nadigar Sangam along with a strongly worded press release urging members to raise the standard of their interactions with each other. In a recent press meet following the Nadigar Sangam elections, actor Vishal had stated that Rs.21 lakhs was the remaining amount in the Nadigar Sangam fund. Congratulating the newly elected team, Suriya issued a press release asking members to unite and work for the betterment of the Sangam. Suriya also emphasised that the elected team ought to fulfil their election promises, and become role models.


In his press release, he said, “This Nadigar Sangam election has taught us several lessons that we should follow in the near future. Many disturbing moments occurred while canvassing for the election. Candidates and supporters passed derogatory comments. People looked upon doing their duty as doing favours. Even after realising that the Nadigar Sangam is a family, obscene comments on caste, language, and religion were made. People were criticised on the basis of how their films were doing. I request everyone to stay united and not stoop to such levels in future.”