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Suriya Urges People To Speak Up About Centre’s Education Policy

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Actor Suriya has issued a statement on the new Draft Education Policy, urging people to question the central government and have more discussions about it. He posted a note on Twitter saying, “An educational policy that is going to determine the future of 30 crore Indian students has been released, but debates and discussions on this have not gained attention. We need to ask what is to be done to ensure equal education for all? Should entrance exam be mandatory for higher education? Is there a clarity on the language imposition yet?”

He said, “Does the new educational policy have answers to so many questions like these? We all have an opinion when it comes to education, but we have been silent about the education policy. This silence will only impact our children. By June 30, we must say what we agree with and what we don’t. Parents must find out and learn about this policy. I thank the committee who translated the draft for us in Tamil. Let’s spread the message on media and ask for more clarifications from educational experts in the state. Education is our weapon and our shield.”

The draft national policy on education proposes changes at all levels of education from school to college and also to the exam and evaluation methods. The draft is in the public domain for comments from experts and the public till June 30.

The central government, after facing huge backlash and protests to the initial draft from people, politicians and celebrities in the south, mainly Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, altered the policy and released a revised draft on June 3. This draft removed the requirement for making Hindi a mandatory third language in schools, however it still pressed for a three-language formula in schools.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development and other ministers have said they are getting feedback from leaders in the south. Other celebrities who opposed the policy include AR Rahman, Khushboo, RJ Balaji, Suseenthiran, Siddharth, and Ayushmann Khurrana.