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Suriya’s Singam 3’s Release May Be Delayed After Court Orders Inquiry Into Ticket Prices

Suriya’s Singam 3 may face release delays after the Madras High Court ordered an inquiry into ticket prices of films starring popular actor. The order was issued in response to a petition filed by Devarajan, a concerned citizen who asked the Court to investigate an alleged increase in ticket prices for films starring popular actors. The petition cites Suriya’s Singam 3, and asks the Court to intervene and ensure that the Tamil Nadu government’s regulations are followed.

According to Devarajan, theatre owners have been charging ticket prices at well above the prescribed limits. “This is a direct violations of the regulations in effect. It also overrides the rights of a TN resident,” he says in the petition.


Devarajan said he had petitioned the Income Tax Department, the Chennai Police Commissioner, and several district collectors in the past, requesting them to investigate the issue. Devarajan claims that despite assurance from them, nothing constructive has been done.

Devarajan also wants the Court to take strict action against theatre owners who charge high ticket prices for Suriya’s Singam 3.

After hearing the case, the Madras High Court has ordered an inquiry into the matter, and issued a notice to Tamil Nadu’s Chief Secretary, seeking an explanation.

In light of this, there is a possibility that Singam 3’s release may be delayed. The film was originally scheduled to release on 23 December this year.