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‘Suttu Pidikka Utharavu’ Trailer: Vikranth & Team As Robbers In This Racy Thriller

After making a supernatural comedy like Pokkiri Raja, director Ramprakash Rayappa’s upcoming Suttu Pidikka Utharavu is a racy thriller with Vikranth in the lead. The trailer of the film released recently.


It begins with a mysterious robber calling Mysskin, who plays a commissioner in the film, to inform him about a robbery they are going to perform. Actor Vikranth and director Suseenthiran, who is making his acting debut with this film, play robbers with heavily armed weapons. Athulya Ravi, the other lead, is seen as a journalist.

Like all thrillers, this film too has chases, killings and kidnapping as Vikranth and the robbers are being chased by cops. The trailer ends with Vikranth getting shot by a cop as per Mysskin’s orders.

The makers have reportedly used a ‘guerrilla filmmaking’ technique to shoot the film. 80% of it was shot in natural light with no proper composition, framing, lighting and movements to give the film a candid feeling. It is also said that the entire film was shot in hand held cameras.

Athulya is seen in a small portion in the trailer, where she chases the others with a mike in hand, along with a camera person. The director said in an interview earlier that her role would be a bold one.


“Actresses like Nayanthara and Anushka have been doing strong female-oriented roles only now. But for Athulya, a role like this has come in the beginning of her career. A lot of women can connect with her role. We auditioned a couple of actresses, but she performed very well in her audition,” Ramprakash told Times of India.

The film stars Vikranth and Athulya Ravi in the lead, with directors Mysskin and Suseenthiran in pivotal roles. Cinematography is by Sujith Sarang and G Ramarao. Music is composed by Jakes Bijoy. Kalpatharu Production is bankrolling the film.

Watch the trailer here: