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Taapsee Responds To Kangana Ranaut & Sister Rangoli Chandel’s Attacks, Says “I Have No Time To Waste”

Taapsee Pannu At The 'Game Over' Press Meet

Actress Taapsee Pannu has responded to Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel’s attacks against and reportedly said, “Life is short to get involved, I have no time to waste on this.”


This comes hours after Kangana came to her sister’s defense for the tweets attacking Taapsee Pannu and director Anurag Kashyap. She said in an interview that Rangoli was only ‘protecting’ her the way Anurag backed Taapsee.

The tweet storm has been on since Wednesday night on Twitter, with Rangoli on one side and and Taapsee, Anurag Kashyap and actor Vikram Chatterjee on the other.

It started with Rangoli accusing Taapsee of not naming Kangana in a post praising her new film Judgemental Hai Kya. She took a dig at Taapsee saying she had always made her way through films by copying others, and said she had a grudge against Kangana and said some time ago that Kangana needed a ‘double filter’.

Director Anurag Kashyap was quick to respond and said it was evident that Taapsee was praising all aspects of the trailer including Kangana’s role. “Come on Rangoli.,. this is going too far… this is really really desperate,” he said.

Rangoli said Kashyap didn’t understand the issue and asked him to back off. “Sir, you can see it’s not about mentioning Kangana so much. Clearly, a lot of people I have thanked haven’t mentioned her, it’s just that I am tired of people taking digs at her. Who is this Taapsee to claim that Kangana needs double filter. So now I am here showing everyone (the) mirror… I know you are working with her, but please don’t get desperate without understanding the real issue… back off.”

Apparently, Anurag spoke to Kangana that night and said Taapsee was her fan and didn’t mean anything negative. Rangoli said this was not true, Taapsee had called Kangana an extremist in the past, and said she will not tolerate the digs at her sister.

A day letter, she accused Anurag once again of double standards by bringing up other interviews.

She also hit back at actor Vikram Chatterjee, who said he had respect for Kangana as an actor but Rangoli needed to shut up.

Speaking to SpotboyE, Kangana said: “I read Rangoli’s tweets… Tapsee has been saying derogatory things about me – like needing a filter and being an extremist, which Rangoli is clearly upset about – this has nothing to do with her Judgmental Hai Kya tweet. The way Anurag is protecting Taapsee, my sister is protecting me. What’s the matter? If anybody has problems with her tweets, they can unfollow her.”

Taapsee has maintained her cool on Twitter, and has not replied to any of Rangoli’s tweets. Her fans did that for her instead, proof of the fan following she has built up with a solid body of work. She put out a classy tweet later in the day, speaking of dignified rivalries.