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Taapsu Pannu: “Feel Bad That People Are Judging Me!”

Taapsee Pannu

Actor Taapsee Pannu says that people judged her for something that was taken ‘out of context’. The actor was criticised for her statements regarding Telugu director Raghavendra Rao.

“If people have accepted it, I want them to watch the complete video and understand the context of my statements, and the agenda behind it. I felt bad that people are judging me based on something that was taken totally out of context. I even spoke to Raghavendra Rao garu about what had happened, but about what we discussed, I’d like to keep it personal.”

Pannu also said that she wasn’t forced to apologise for her comments about Telugu filmmaker Raghavendra Rao.


“Nobody forced me to apologise. At first, people were complaining that I should apologise. When I did so, they say that I am being forced! I realise people have a problem anyway. The reason I apologised was because I wanted peace. I knew I didn’t mean anything like it was being interpreted. In my apology video, I even explained the actuality of it and how, playing just an edited version of the video, has led to the misunderstanding. I made it clear that if someone was offended, I am sorry, but I was making fun of only myself! Apologising doesn’t make a person big or small, and so I decided to say it anyway.”