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Technicians’ Union Suspended From FEFSI

The Technicians’ Union, members of which had stalled the shooting of Billa Pandi last month, leading to the face-off between FEFSI and TFPC, has now been suspended from FEFSI.


Angamuthu Shanmugam, general secretary of FEFSI, told Silverscreen: “There are 23 unions in FEFSI. None of the union members can act on their own without consulting others. The members of the Technicians’ Union stalled the shoot of Billa Pandi without consulting us. They didn’t even inform us about the issue. That caused problems between FEFSI and the Producers’ Council. Also, it led to a strike causing monetary loss to producers and FEFSI members. So, they have been temporarily suspended from FEFSI. If they don’t come forward and explain things, they will be permanently removed from FEFSI.”

Meanwhile, talks are on between the Producers’ Council and FEFSI about the wages of their workers. Also, the TFPC has called for an urgent meeting tomorrow, and major decisions are expected to be made in the meet.

The technicians of FEFSI were on a two-day strike last month over wages. They sought the intervention of Labour Commission and called off the strike when the TFPC agreed to talk about the issue.