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Telugu Actress Sri Reddy Says She’s Been Asked To Vacate Her House In Hyderabad

Earlier this week, actress Sri Reddy stripped in front of Hyderabad’s Telugu Chamber of Commerce building, the headquarters of the Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA), to protest against the practice of casting couch in the Telugu film industry.

Recently, she shared that her landlord has asked her to vacate her house.

After her post on Facebook, many commented in support of her. She has been vocal about casting couch and sexual harassment in the industry.She alleged that she was offered roles in exchange of sexual favours by producers and directors.


Earlier she had also spoken about sending nude pictures and videos to directors and producers. “They see the videos and give no roles. They have even asked for live nude videos from me. That is the extent to which they go to take advantage of women who seek roles,” she said.

“They give roles to actresses from Mumbai or others places, whereas we local girls are only sexually exploited on the promise of being given roles,” she added.