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TFPC Controversy: Parthiepan Appointed VP, Vishal To Send Notice To Dissenting Producers

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In Pictures: Actor Vishal Funds Gaja Relief

Vishal has appointed actor Parthiepan as a Vice President of the Tamil Film Producers Council. Parthiepan replaces Gautham Menon in the council. Menon was accused of never attending Council related meetings by a group of dissenting producers recently. The producers also protested against Vishal’s style of functioning as the President.

In a meeting of the executive council members, held to discuss this issue, Vishal said he will send a notice to the dissenting producers and ask them the reason behind the protest. The actor also asked the producers the reason behind them locking TFPC premises and handing over keys to the Police.

A spokesperson for the Council said, “Vishal was arrested under a drummed up charge and a wrong one at that. That is why he was released so soon. It is the work of a certain group of people who do not want the Council to function in a transparent manner. We have asked the producers for explanation regarding what happened and we are waiting for them to respond.”

If they don’t respond within the stipulated time period, they will be removed from the Council.

Producers T Siva, Suresh Kamatchi, SVe Sekhar and AL Alagappan led the group of producers who issued a statement questioning decisions made by Vishal. They also met with Edappadi Palanisamy, TN Chief Minister, and requested him to step in and resolve the issue.

They also called for a fresh round of elections. Vishal’s spokesperson said that the actor had no intention of calling for elections this early, and he will complete his term.

“Every complaint they’ve put forward can be proved wrong by us. They are running scared now. They don’t have anything on this leadership. They are just using a smear campaign to make sure that people believe them over us. When there’s change, there’s always resistance. That is what is happening now,” he added.

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