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It’s Thanksgiving Week For Siddharth

Jigarthanda released last Friday and has been garnering rave reviews. Actor Siddharth, who dons the lead role in Jigarthanda, has been touring the state since and watching the flick with the audience. Besides basking in the success of the film, Siddharth personally thanked all those who contributed to the massive success of Jigarthanda and even termed the last few days as ‘Thanksgiving Week’.


While meeting the press on Thursday, Siddharth revealed that he mustered the courage to accept the role in Jigarthanda after being inspired by actor Aamir Khan. “In 2005, when I was up and coming in the industry, I bagged an opportunity to act in Rang De Basanti. When I read the script, there was a character, which in my opinion, didn’t have a lot of scope and I presumed that it would have been for me,” he recalled. “But that was Aamir’s character. And what I thought was a scene-stealer, was given to me. I was surprised to learn that Aamir took the role that I thought was small,” said Siddharth. The actor also added that he owed a debt of gratitude to Aamir for making him learn an important lesson. “Aamir gave me that confidence and made me understand the value of being a part of a film as an ‘actor’,” he declared.

And Siddharth was even more pleased when a Twitter user appreciated him along those lines. One of the users wrote, “it was delightful to see him as an actor in the flick and not as a hero.” The actor considered that the most memorable feedback he has ever received on his performance in Jigarthanda.

To a question on if he would tie the knot anytime soon, Siddharth answered, “I have dedicated this year for films. Who knows, I might get married next year!”