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Thanu Thinks Vishal’s ‘Bachelor Status’ Is Making Him Do ‘Unnecessary Things’

Kalaipuli S Thanu, the current president of TFPC, hit out at Vishal and said that the actor’s body was ‘full of venom’. Speaking to Silvercreen, Thanu said:


“I’m not sure what agony and difficulty we gave Vishal to make him say the kind of things he did about us. If we’re really inefficient and mismanaging things, how did so many of his movies release? How did so many of his friends – Karthi, Vishnu Vishal’s films release? If we’re really mismanaging things, there should be some proof for that, right? What proof does he have right now!”

He also had some helpful advice for Vishal. “He is 40 years old and must be lonely. By 25, we should begin samsara vaazhkai. Else, we’ll look for conspiracies and problems in places where they are not there. So my suggestion for Vishal is to get married.”

Vishal and Kalaipuli S Thanu have been in a cold war of sorts ever since that infamous Ananda Vikatan interview was published. In it, Vishal made fun of the Producers’ Council, and said that the producers only eat ‘bajji, bonda‘ there. The actor used the reference to pinpoint the inefficiency of the current system.


His remarks riled the TFPC, and the actor was immediately suspended from the council. Vishal filed a law suit contesting the suspension, and was asked by the court to apologise. Following this, he was accepted into the TFPC again.

Meanwhile, Vishal and his team are hard at work lobbying for the upcoming TFPC elections on April 2. Vishal is running for president and some say his actions are influenced by the bad treatment meted out to him by the current board.