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The Lesser-Known Side of Vijay Sethupathi


Actor Vijay Sethupathi opened up about himself in an interview to Ananda Vikatan, discussing everything from his love for vintage cars to dealing with dancing. Excerpts from the article here:

1) When he was in college, Sethupathi dabbled in many odd jobs to make ends meet. He worked as a sales executive at a garment store, as a supplier at a fast food joint, and then, as an assistant at an auditor’s firm.

2) The actor fell in love with a girl who was older than him. He was in class 10 then. She was a college student. In a few years, Sethupathi soon realised that it was just a crush. He eventually met another girl called Jessi, whom he married.

3) Director Balu Mahendra clicked a picture of Sethupathi when he had gone to the former’s office asking for an opportunity to act in his film Anal Kaatru. The legendary filmmaker told Sethupathi, “Your eyes are beautiful, Vijay. May I take a picture?” The actor was more than glad to oblige. Sethupathi was sad that the movie got shelved and that he couldn’t act in Balu Mahendra’s direction. But he considers the photograph his most valuable possession.

4) He had a very supportive dad. “Even when I wrote a short story or tried a new beard-style, he encouraged me. He would offer generous praise even for simple things. He was my first fan. He was my first hero.” The actor’s father passed away a year before Thenmerku Paruvakaatru (in which he debuted as the hero) was released. “When I began establishing myself in cinema, my father wasn’t there by my side.”

5) Although he gifted a new car to his wife, Sethupathi prefers to drive his Benz – a 1990 model – and a Jawa bike. “A vintage car has a soul and a character.”

6) Vetti Veru Vaasam from Mudhal Mariyadhai and Nee Partha from Hey Ram are the songs that he hums often.


7) Sethupathi learnt dancing from choreographer Saravanan. “Dance gives me nightmares,” he said. Despite helping him cope with his fear of dance, Saravanan master had once blandly stated, “En sir panathai ippadi veenaakureenga?”

8) When asked if he would direct a film, Sethupathi said, “Aasai irukku. Dhairiyam illai!”

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