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Theri Issue: Chengalpet Exhibitors Want Profit Sharing

The Chengalpet Theatre Exhibitors Association has issued a strong statement in response to the Producers Council’s announcement that 24, Kabali, and Singam 3 would not release in theatres that did not screen Theri, due to non-cooperation by the Association.

At a press meet on Friday evening, the Association president Mr Panneerselvam said that for the past two years, the Chengalpet area exhibitors had worked on a profit percentage share basis and not a Minimum Guarantee basis. “Through the profit sharing basis, we have garnered great profits which benefited us, the producers, as well as the distributors. Usually it is the Chengalpet area which makes the most business when it comes to films. The only time we have faced problems is with producer S Thanu’s releases,” he said.


He also claimed that Thanu had insisted on selling films to theatres only on a Minimum Guarantee basis and that he demanded Rs.1 to 1.5 crore per theatre. According to Paneerselvam, Thanu planned to make a profit of at least Rs.20 crore through this method. He further said that Theri was being distributed in theatres in Chennai and multiplexes in Chengalpet at a 50% profit sharing basis. Only the Chengalpet/Thiruvallur theatres were singled out. “Theatres in Coimbatore area function only under profit sharing basis and not Minimum Guarantee, and Mr Thanu has not been able to change that,” he added.

A meeting will be convened by the TN Theatre Owners Association on April 20 to discuss the issue.