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This Beast: Kurt Sutter, Creator of ‘Sons of Anarchy’, to Write and Direct Film for Netflix

Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy and writer of The Shieldwill be writing, directing and producing This Beastannounced Netflix.


This will be Sutter’s directorial debut.

The film’s idea was inspired by the Beast of Gévaudan, a true story about a mysterious beast that terrorised a French village in the 1760s.

The feature film will be produced by Jason Blum and Carla Hacken under the banners Blumhouse and Paper Pictures.

“Bringing my disturbing, familial story sensibility into the Blumhouse world just seemed like something that had to happen. And This Beast is the perfect project for that marriage. And Netflix is the perfect venue for that bloody ceremony,” Sutter said in a statement.

As per Netflix, the story revolves around an 18th century English village that is besieged by a mysterious and elusive beast. Dozens of innocents are slaughtered and the mayhem is driven to puritanical heights by religious fanaticism. The impossible task of killing the beast falls on a lowly trapper who promises that he can stop the carnage. But for him this hunt is not a professional mission, it’s a deeply personal one.

“We’ve long been fans of Kurt and his unparalleled storytelling — that’s both visceral and packs an emotional punch. We’re excited that Blumhouse is producing his first feature for Netflix,” said Jason Blum, CEO and founder of Blumhouse in a statement.


Sutter also holds credits as an actor, having appeared in his curated Sons of Anarchy, and will be seen next in the science fiction film, Chaos Walking that would mark his first feature film acting role.

While Sutter has been brought on board for one film, Netflix has signed multi film deals with filmmakers like Noam Baumbach who will be writing and directing Netflix’s adaptation of White Noise, Don DeLillo’s novel of the same.