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This Decision Is In Favour Of The Industry: Bharathiraja On Santhanam’s Server Sundaram And Dagaalty Date Clash Resolution

Recent announcements about two films of actor SanthanamServer Sundaram and Dagaalty –releasing on the same date, 31 January, caused a kerfuffle. Both makers approached the Tamil Film Producer Council (TFPC) for an amicable solution to the issue.


Following discussions, the producers of the films, and some members of the TFPC met the press recently. Speaking at the meet were TFPC President Bharathiraja, FEFSI Siva, Producer Suresh Kamatchi, Producer Rajan, Server Sundaram Producer Selvakumar and Dagaalty producer Choudary.

Producer Suresh Kamatchi said, “The official announcements pertaining to both the films were made via print media. When the producers approached TFPC, the president gave them a workable solution. Now, Dagaalty will release as scheduled on 31 January. And Server Sundaram, with the agreement of the producers, will release on 14 February.”

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While thanking the producers for their understanding, Suresh Kamatchi said, “No one can force people to release their films on any specific dates. However, this is a one-off case, and it is with the full cooperation of the producers of Server Sundaram and Dagaalty that the films release schedules have been altered.”

Selvakumar, Producer, Server Sundaram said, “Our movie is releasing after a lot of delays and hurdles. However, with Santhanam sir’s other project also releasing on the same date, we decided to push our film’s release by two weeks. We don’t want either movie’s collections getting affected, so, we decided on two separate release dates.”

Choudary, producer, Dagaalty said, “I owe a lot to each and everyone, who has been kind and supportive in sorting out this issue. This is my maiden production, and I am so thankful to Selvakumar sir for his understanding and allowing our film to come to the screens first.”


Producer Bharathiraja, TFPC President said, “As a council, this is a wonderful moment for us. We are very happy that they opted to approach us for a solution. Both producers are right and have struggled a lot to make these films. More than our decision, it’s their good-heartedness that is worthy of appreciation.”

The president was also all praise for the producers of both films, saying, “They are both genuine people who love their work. This decision is not just in their favour, but also in favour of the industry. I wish both films immense success.”

As it stands, Server Sundaram will release on 14 February, while Dagaalty releases on its original date, 31 January