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TN BJP Chief Gets A Student Arrested From Airport For Raising Slogans Against Her Party

A 28-year-old student studying in Canada was arrested in Tuticorin and sent to judicial custody for 15 days after she shouted “fascist BJP government down down” in a flight in which the Tamil Nadu  party chief Tamilisai Soundararjan was also travelling. A court in Thoothukudi district granted her bail on Monday.


Lois Sofia was returning home from Canada when she was arrested in Tuticorin following a complaint lodged by the BJP leader with the airport police. Her lawyer said that she was later taken to the hospital when she complained of stomach ache.

Sofia’s father, who along with his wife had joined their daughter from Chennai narrated the incident while talking to The Indian Express. “After we landed at Tuticorin, she (Sofia) saw the BJP leader and said ‘fascist BJP government down, down’. She didn’t utter a word other than that. But when we reached the terminal, Tamilisai and some 10 men who received her at the airport surrounded us and bullied my daughter with abusive words. They issued death threats. Finally, the airport police came to our help and secured us in a room.”

“When I was coming out after the flight landed, she saw me and suddenly shouted ‘down with fascist BJP government’. When I turned to her, she repeated it. Seeing a very young girl sitting with her parents, I thought I will ignore it. But she repeated it, again and again, when I was coming out of the aircraft. She was also passing some comments at me,” Tamilisai said. She added that anyone who uses the word ‘fascist’ was never an innocent person. She also said that she lodged a complaint when she felt that a “terrorist” should not be spared.

The BJP leader has come under heavy criticism on Twitter due to her behaviour.

Pa. Renjith, director of movies like Kaala and Kabali tweeted,

Actor Kasthuri Sankar also tweeted

Singer Chinmayi Sripada pointed out certain irregularities in the story.

Meanwhile, Soundararajan said she was surprised to find so many people siding with a passenger who behaved unruly on a flight.