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Tripur Subramanian’s Revelations About The Industry

Distributor Tripur Subramanian, in an interview to Indiaglitz, revealed some eye-opening information about the industry and the distributing process that is being followed.


Excerpts from the interview:

1. Talking about last year and how distributors have been affected, Tripur Subramanian said that the films which released in 2014 did not gain any profits. “No director or producer of today comes forward to share details of their profits, instead they gain publicity in revealing their two-day collection report. 75 percent of these reports do not speak the truth.

2. In general, audiences who come to watch the movie are very clear in what they want, but it is the producer and director who are vague with their thoughts. Today, films do not run for actors, they run only for the subject that has been dealt with. People come to the theatres for the actor once or twice, the general audience appreciate good content and only those films with good content do well at the box office collection.”

3. On being the mediator in the ongoing Lingaa issue, he revealed that 50 percent of the distributors’ money resulted in a loss. “However, the loss faced by the producers are not known to me. Most of the producers do not share the profits with these distributors.

4. The main reason for the sudden downfall of distributors are high production costs and high salary for actors, directors and other technicians. The directors fail to complete their film within their drafted budget. That is why distributors of today face more risk when compared to older days. Many unwanted consumption of money lead to such high production costs.” Quoting from his conversation, “Rajinikanth still doesn’t use a caravan but, heroines of today use two caravans – one for themselves and one for their mother.”


5. “No distributor who was in the business 15 years before is taking part in the business today. New producers jump into the industry without knowing the original color of the industry. I can confidently say that not even 1 distributor who served 15 years before would come into the industry today.

6. Small budget movies with rich content do not make profits mainly because of high ticket rates. When the ticket rates are low, distributors and producers are of the wrong notion that their business might fall. But, the truth is, it will invite more people to the theatres.”