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Trisha Asks Jallikattu Trolls: ‘Is Disrespecting A Woman Tamil Culture?

Trisha trolled by Jallikattu supporters

Trisha Krishnan, who was subject to vicious attacks on social media and most recently, harassed during a shoot for Garjanai, has now pushed back against those attacking her. In a series of tweets, Trisha asked if disrespecting women was a part of Tamil culture. Trisha has been specifically targeted by some supporters of the Tamil sport Jallikattu as she supports the animal rights organisation PETA. PETA has pushed for a ban on Jallikattu.


Trisha was in Sivagangai shooting for her film Garjanai when a group of protesters stormed the shoot, forcing her to take refuge in her vanity van. As per a report in The News Minute, the angry protesters mouthed slogans insisting that Trisha apologise if she wanted to resume shooting. The apology was being demanded for her association with PETA.

Trisha clarified via tweets that she had never spoken against the sport. She also thanked the Tamil Nadu police for ensuring her safety on sets, and thanked fellow actor STR for his support.  

Trisha criticised the vulgarity of the comments on social media, which included images and derogatory posts about her. She asked if it was a part of Tamil culture to disrespect women, and said those people should be ashamed of themselves.



The poster seen above announces Trisha’s death. The reason cited for her  fake “death” is that she had been infected by HIV apparently by abusing her parents. 

Trisha, however, refused to be fazed.

The stark display of intolerance and hostility has only grown dangerously with each day. This is definitely not the first time actors have been pulled down for speaking up over sensitive issues in Tamil Nadu. Actress Kushboo was embroiled in a controversy for her remarks on AIDS awareness and the need of protected sex. Her comment: that it is okay for girls to have pre-marital sex with precaution to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, did not go well with Tamil people. Cases were filed against the actress, but the Supreme Court dismissed all cases later. 

Meanwhile, actor Kamal Haasan took to Twitter to condemn personal attacks on the actress. He has written, “Please stop hurting Ms Trisha. Let’s not hurt her (Trisha) just because she differs from our opinion. We need both Trisha and jallikattu. Let’s continue to contend with love (sic).”