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Trisha Krishnan At FeTNA

Actress Trisha Krishnan picked Ajith Kumar as her favorite in response to a question about how she would rank her co-stars based on her compatibility with them. She was quick to add that she was picking Ajith over Vikram, Surya and Vijay because she had been a fan of Ajith even before she entered films. Trisha was asked the question during a Question and Answer session at the Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FeTNA)’s annual Tamil convention.


The comments have caused a minor controversy, with reports in local newspapers questioning her of favourites, citing that she has done more films with Vijay and that this had contributed to her rise to stardom.

Trisha has issued a clarification through Twitter asking that her comments “not be blown out of proportion” and clarifying that she “admired all the superstars she has worked with.”


The actress who was a special invitee to the FeTNA event held at St. Louis this year, though initially hesitant, opened up on a variety of topics from her rift with Nayanthara to her love for animals.

Asked if she ever cooked her mom’s favourite food for her, the actor answered in jest that she was actually doing her mom a favour by not cooking for her. “I am a terrible cook,” she admitted, adding the only food she could cook was Maggi and dal.

When asked to name a hero she would love to work with, she said it was superstar Rajinikanth. She said she has met him at events and even knew him well, and was looking forward to doing a film with him someday.


Trisha also trashed the assumption that actors cannot be friends with their peers. “We started off friends and then had a fallout because of a few media reports. So I think it was good to put the past behind and be friends again,” the actor says about her past rift with Nayanthara, whom she has been seen bonding with lately. Sharing her fitness secrets, the actress said she always stayed happy, worked out and ate healthy. An animal lover, she said she considered it a privilege to be a brand ambassador for PETA, whom she endorses.

When asked how long she would continue being in the industry, the actress answered “Everyone says an actress’ life in the industry is short. I have never taken offence to that. However short your life is, you still have to give it your best.” Trisha said she was doing well so far and would continue to do similar roles for now.

And of course there was the inevitable question about her marriage. The actress said that she would prefer to marry from the film industry as he would be able to understand the nature of her profession well.

Photo and video courtesy twitter user @iamkarthikd