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Horror, My Favourite Genre, Says Trisha Ahead Of ‘Mohini’s Release

Trisha At The Mohini Press Meet

Madhesh’s Mohini starring Trisha will finally see the light of day after being in the making for two years. It releases on July 27. At a press meet organised at the L.V. Prasad Lab in Chennai, the makers said the film, announced in 2016, will simultaneously release in Telugu in 600 screens, putting it on a par with a hero-centric movie.


The movie sees Trisha play a double role; the director attributed the delay in release to two strikes during its making and the extensive visual effects the script demanded. “The VFX have been done in London and we did not compromise on the quality,” said Madhesh.

Does the film fall in the horror genre? Madhesh says it could be slotted in the  ‘entertainer’ genre, and says the ‘U’ certificate from the Censor Board is proof of that. The team said it has tried to introduce a concept called ‘epigenetics’, which supplements the horror angle with logic and science.

Trisha, who got christened as ‘Markandeyi’ (the ever youthful one) during the occasion, said the horror genre has always been a favourite. “It’s also popular among viewers and carries a minimum guarantee,” she added.

However, like the makers, she too emphasised that the movie was a ‘visual treat’ and a ‘complete entertainer’ and asked the audience to approach it with an open mind.

She also made it clear that she kept an open mind while choosing scripts. “I never said I would do only female-centric movies,” she said, citing the examples of 96 and Sathurangavettai 2.


In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, Trisha said she would love to do a biopic on late CM Jayalalithaa. “As a woman, she was a great inspiration. I have liked her since I was a student. She was the chief guest for an event at my school and she gave a memorable speech. I am prepared to put on weight for the role,” she said.