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‘Tubelight’ Director Kabir Khan Finds Nothing Wrong With Salman Khan’s Anti-War Comments

Kabir Khan

Soon after Salman Khan received flak for his anti-war comments, Tubelight director Kabir Khan has now come out supporting his lead actor’s statements. Speaking to PTI News, Kabir said there is nothing wrong with Salman’s statement about war being a terrible idea.


“I see no problem with the statement (of Salman). He just said war is a waste of resources, human life and time for any country. Nobody wants to go to war. What is wrong with that statement? Anybody who says going to war is great, I think, is acting stupid,” said Kabir. 

The director further added that trolling is getting more ridiculous these days.

“I think getting trolled for anything you say is becoming a bit too much. You don’t need to agree with everything that everybody said but screaming, shouting and getting abusive is ridiculous. Try and understand the point that is being made and in its context [sic].”

Last week, at a promotional event, Salman Khan declared that those who order wars should be given guns and made to fight right at the front. 

“It will be over in a day. Their legs will start trembling, their hands will start shaking and they will be back to the discussion table,” he said.


His opinion on ending wars stemmed from the fact that his upcoming film, Tubelight, has the backdrop of the Indo-China war. The film will focus on relations with Pakistan and will refer to wars ‘without going into detail’.

Kabir Khan’s film is yet another attempt to showcase the futility of wars. Much like his previous film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Tubelight aims to show that love matters more than enmity. 

Tubelight is the Hindi adaptation of Alejandro Gomez Monteverde’s 2015 movie, Little Boy. The film is slated to release on June 23.