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Uday Chopra Thinks Hair Colour Is Just As Racist As Fairness Creams

Actor Uday Chopra commented on the debate started by Abhay Deol on fairness creams, and the inherent racism. The Neal N’ Nikki actor said that if fairness creams promote racism, so does “hair colour”. 

With products like Fair & Lovely, Garnier, Lakme and others thriving in a country where skin colour is always scrutinized, and even school textbooks preaching that fair skin is always preferred, Uday Chopra succinctly put the whole debate to rest in five words: “It is a personal choice”.

It is, after all, not a race issue, he emphasized:

Needless to say, social media didn’t spare him. 

While the actor took to Facebook to answer questions from fans, he refrained from responding to any comments calling out his irresponsible comparison. 

“It is so unfortunate that you cannot understand the simple fact that the fairness or rather whiteness products are trying to propagate a belief that the White is Might and that is racism. Do u see any products that promote the dark skin instead? The hair issue you brought forth is equally unfortunate if you meant low self-esteem because of gray hair or bald head,” wrote one user.

Chopra later tweeted about how people need to understand him, adding that while he is used to people hating him, he will still continue saying whatever he thinks. 


Pic: India.com