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Upendra To Use The Power Of Social Media To Make His Political Party Visible

Kannada star Upendra recently announced his intention to join politics with the intention of launching his own political part soon.

In conversation with Silverscreen, the actor said that he hopes to run his party without any party fund. “I want to eliminate corruption. Corruption begins when we ask individuals for money. And when we get into office with that money, they expect some payback. If we do away with this sort of funding altogether, we can run a transparent organisation. That is my idea.”


The to-be politician claims that he would not host big meetings or use excessive promotional material for his party. “We live in a time where social media reigns supreme. I will use the power of social media to make my party visible. I don’t need big platform to connect with people.”

He also hopes to meet BJP Chief Amit Shah, who is in Bengaluru for a three-day visit. “I will make certain things clear after I meet with him,” he said.

Upendrathe star of films such as H2O, Mukunda Murari, is considered to be among the biggest stars in the Kannada film industry.