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Varmaa Is Now Adithya Varma; Priya Anand Joins Cast


Varmaa, the Tamil remake of Arjun Reddy has been renamed. It is now Adithya Varma. Actress Priya Anand too has joined the cast of the film. This comes after E4 Entertainments, the production house, announced today that noted cinematographer Ravi K Chandran joined the team. Rothan remains the music composer for the new version too.

Producer Mukesh R Mehta released the new first look and the new title on twitter:

The new poster presents a different look for the lead character, played by Dhruv Vikram, bringing him closer to the Telugu original character. Bollywood actress Banita Sandhu is the lead actress in the film, replacing actress Megha Chowdhury.

The producer also welcomed Priya Anand to the team. This indicates that she replaces actress Raiza Wilson. With Ravi K Chandran as the cinematographer and Girisayya as the new director. The production has been in the news ever since the release was delayed, following which the producers, E4 Entertainment announced that they were unhappy with the final cut director Bala had handed over and will be shooting the film all over again with a different cast and crew. This move caused much discussion over the management of a film, and who had copyright over a film. It is also reported that actor Vikram was very particular about his son Dhruv Vikram’s debut and is one of the major reasons behind the decision.

With the new cast and crew, the production house plans for a June release.


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