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Vellai Pookal Trailer Review: A Thriller Film Featuring Vivekh As A Retired Cop

Vellai Pookal, directed by Vivek Elangovan, has been in the news for the past week, because the film marks the debut of streaming platform Tentkotta into the production space. The film is co-produced by Indus Entertainments and released by Trident Arts R Ravindran.


It begins with a note to the audience: “For the love of Tamil and Tamil cinema, with love from your friends in USA”.

The opening scene of the trailer is a cop Rudhran (Vivekh) being told that his next case is in the US, not as a policeman, but as a father. The trailer then showcases the scenic beauty of the place he lives in, his son’s partner, and life in the US, but Rudhran feels that while there is everything, yet, there is nothing.

And then, some kidnappings later, the cop in Vivekh rises to the challenge. He thinks that if someone has planned the kidnappings with such obsession and precision, the person will strike again. And they do. Pooja Devariya, whose Kannada film Katheyondu Shuruvaagide is receiving much love on Amazon Prime, appears in a scene too.


There are some shots of the crime scene, and someone walking in the woods. Vivekh’s character says that they have figured out how he did it; if they managed to know why he did it, they can easily identify the culprit. The trailer concludes with the words, “Am I not a cop if I retire?”

The film seems to be set in the thriller space, and looks like a possible cat-and-mouse chase between the law enforcers and the offender. The film releases on April 19. Others in the cast include Charle. Ramgopal Krishnaraju has composed the music set to lyrics by Madhan Karky. The film is said to have been shot in multiple locations in Seattle.

Watch the trailer here