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Very Few Opportunities For Senior Actresses: Revathi

Actress Revathi, in an interview with IANS, said that the kind of roles she was getting these days were boring. She attributed it to lack of imagination in the characterisation.

“The kind of films I get are a little boring because I feel it’s okay to play my age and that’s not an issue. But it’s just that playing my age doesn’t mean just being a mother, lawyer or a doctor. There is no characterisation. Few writers write characters that suits a 35 or 45 plus woman,” the 48-year-old actress told IANS.


Revathi has acted in all south Indian languages as well as Hindi. She is also an accomplished director, whose works include Phir Milenge, Mitr My Friend and Mumbai Cutting. “As an actor, I’m a little bored with the roles I’m getting. It doesn’t challenge me. I’m not interested in numbers. I want to do quality work and feel happy about it. For my age, none of the language writers have much to offer. That’s why I’m being very slow and doing just one film in two years,” said Revathi to IANS.

Revathi, who has always tried to maintain a balance between mainstream commercial and parallel films, was recently seen in Shonali Bose’s film, Margarita With A Straw. In 2014, she played Alia Bhatt’s mother in the Bollywood film 2 States.