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Video: Feminist Kangana Ranaut Laughs At A Rape Joke By Jim Sarbh At Cannes 2018

Bollywood actors attending the Cannes Film Festival is normal, but making it into the news in a good way is definitely a tough job.  On that note, here’s what’s taking Twitter by storm recently. Padmaavat star Jim Sarbh made a ‘rape’ comment to which actress Kangana Ranaut reacts with a laugh.

In a short clip that’s from a midnight party at the Festival, Padmaavat actor Jim Sarbh is heard giving what sounds like the punch-line of a joke. “I’d rather be raped by 12 prostitutes than touch alcohol and the Punjabi says ‘Me too, I didn’t know that was an option’,” he said. Kangana Ranaut, who was standing next to Jim, suddenly cracked up.

No one thought the Queen actress would react to a comment that’s sensitive in such a manner. After all, just two years back after Salman’s rape remark during the promotions of Sultan, the actress had said, “We all agree that it is a horrible thing to say; it is something which is extremely insensitive”. Kangana, who has identified herself as a feminist on many occasions in the past, should have known better.

This has actually offended Bollywood fans and they have tweeted their comments on the subject.

And the latest update is that Sarbh’s team has reached out for a clarification on his comments. The actor said:

“Sexual violence is a serious issue and I treat it as such. It is unfortunate that my comments were taken out of context. I do not now nor have I ever condoned any form of sexual violence.”

His representatives further revealed that the actor was enacting parts of a play, which is “a dark satire”, in his private space when this video was recorded without his permission, and his comments were taken out of context.