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Vidharth: Muthiah’s Script Convinced Me To Join ‘Kodiveeran’

Vidharth is excited about his role in Kodiveeran. “It’s kind of like a cameo, but it has such a big impact on the characters in Kodiveeran. It is pivotal to the script, and that is why I even agreed to be a part of the film.”

Vidharth wasn’t really keen on playing second fiddle to stars, but Muthiah convinced him. “I’m trying to concentrate more on solo hero films, and I’m getting some good offers. So, I didn’t want to spoil that streak by taking up a small character role. But, the way Muthiah narrated the script made it really interesting to me. It changed my mind.”


The actor is open to doing more such roles, provided that it is impactful and has some meaning. “As an artist, the first and foremost thing on my mind is the way anything I do can influence people. So I try and choose roles conscious of the fact that I can either positively or negatively impact society. If there is some regressive role out there, I might not necessarily do it.”

The actor was a part of the recent Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu. The film has been getting positive reviews, and Vidharth has been praised for his performance onscreen. Next up is Vandi and Seemathanni, both in varying stages of production.

Kodiveeran has Sasikumar in the lead role. Sanusha plays Vidharth’s girlfriend in the film.