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Vidya Balan: “Life In The Spotlight Is Easiest When You Are Yourself!”

Vidya Balan, in an interview with Hindustan Times, said that it’s necessary to have a “protective shield” on at all times. “It is not like I decide that I am going to be this person when I go out, but I think somewhere you create — at least in my case, unknowingly — a protective shield that comes on. Not that you think people are going to attack you. I think it is just you develop a public persona,” she said.


Balan also confessed that it was easiest being herself. “What I have learnt being an actor and being in the public glare is that it’s easiest when you are yourself. I’ve realised that I’ve become politically less correct. I am not sure if that is politically incorrect, but less politically correct. I am okay with being seen for who I am. But some switch comes on when you are in the public glare,” she said.

True to her words, Vidya, who has portrayed strong female characters on screen, has never shied away from speaking her mind. Earlier this year, the actress even confessed that it was ‘quite difficult’ to play ‘diabetically sweet women‘ on screen.

Balan will next be seen in Tumhari Sulu, in which she plays a happy-go-lucky Radio Jockey.