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Vincent Selva Is Back With Paththu Second Muththam

Vincent Selva’s Paththu Second Muththam is an ‘unusual story’ with a plot that seeks to reinforce the tagline – ‘Violence provokes more violence’. The director says that while the title was inspired by a novel written by the late Sujatha, the story itself has nothing to do with it.


“My film is about a girl who goes in search of a boy. This journey is not something Tamil cinema has seen so far. It is a revenge film, yes, and is quite unique in terms of plot as well as execution,” he told Silverscreen. 

The film has newcomers Geetha and Sarish in lead roles, with Thambi Ramaiah in a supporting role. Posani Muralikrishna is part of the Telugu version of the film.

Selva says that his producer, RB Chowdhury, has been of immense support throughout the filmmaking process. “It was RB sir who suggested a Telugu version of the movie. He has such confidence in my script.”

The film is currently in post-production and is expected to release later this year.