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Vinoth Kishan Gives A Furious Arjun Das The Silent Treatment In The ‘Andhaghaaram’ Trailer: Out Now

Trailer of the long-delayed Andhaghaaram starring Kaithi fame Arjun Das and Vidiyum Munn fame Vinoth Kishan is out now. Helmed by debutant V Vignarajan, the thriller is being presented by director Atlee‘s A For Apple Productions with Sudhan Sundaram’s and Jayaram’s Passion Studios producing it, in association with K Poorna Chandra’s O2 Pictures. Earlier, Harmon Moviemakes Private Limited was bankrolling the film along with O2 Pictures but later pulled out for unknown reasons.


This is the second film being presented by Atlee and Priya Atlee’s A For Apple Productions after the 2017 horror-comedy Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae.

The trailer begins with doctor Kumar Natarajan asking one of his patients what he would look like to a bunch of tigers if left in their cage. Simultaneously, we’re shown shady inter-cuts of Arjun and Vinoth and a mysterious phone which is almost broken to pieces at the end of the trailer by Arjun in an outburst.

We are then introduced to Vinoth and Arjun  — the former being conjurer Selvam, a visually impaired taciturn, and the latter, an anxious and temperamental youngster. Arjun, who is traumatised by Vinoth and his creepy phone calls, decides to find him and put an end to this suffering in an inhuman manner.

In the end, we’re brought back to the conversation with the doctor, where we find the patient asking him how he believes he’d look to a bunch of tigers if he got into their cage. To this, the doctor replies ‘Master’ in the most spookiest way, snapping his fingers. While the dialogue may be organic, it appears to be a smart marketing technique given the fanfare around the word, which is now the title of Vijay‘s next film. It is noteworthy that Arjun is also a part of the film.

Though we’re given the typical eerie closeup shots of various objects and characters, the two-and-a-half-minute trailer is intriguing to a great extent, music takes the major credit for this. Arjun seems to pull off a shade similar to his previous Kaithi, but is nothing short of perfect here.

Atlee took to Twitter to release the trailer.

Andhaghaaram deals with three lives — a struggling conjurer, an unsuccessful cricketer and a devastated psychiatrist whose paths intertwine in darkness on their search for liberation and livelihood which only leads them to a maze of uncertainty. The title translates to ‘intense darkness’.


The supernatural suspense thriller will see Pooja Ramachandran and Misha Ghoshal playing the female leads with Kumar Natarajan, Jeeva Ravi, ‘Rail’ Ravi, and Mahendra Mullath playing significant roles. Damaal Dumeel fame AM Edwin Sakay has handled cinematography, Super Deluxe fame Sathyaraj Natarajan is on the edit, Magamuni fame Rembon Balraj on art with Pradeep Kumar from Oorka The Band on music. The stunt has been choreographed by Dhilip Subbarayan.

Years ago, the first look teaser of the film was unveiled. But unfortunately, the teaser which had a lot of resemblance to the currently dropped trailer was taken down by the makers long-before without any announcement.

On Sunday, April 12, the first look poster of the film was released. The poster featured the silhouette of what looks like Vinoth Kishan in a huge partially-lit room with books and random objects lying around. There’s also a rat on the floor and cobwebs hanging on the large curtained windows.

The makers plan on releasing the long-completed film after the Coronavirus crisis comes to an end.

The Bollywood industry, apart from Kollywood, has been pouring in love for the film which includes the likes of Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan, and Karuna Badwal. This seems to validate the rumours about the Atlee-SRK project a few months back.

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Watch the trailer of Andhaghaaram here.