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Viraata Parvam: Rana Daggubati & Sai Pallavi Starrer to Release on Netflix After Theatrical Release, Says Film’s Director Venu Udugula

A still from the film 'Viraata Parvam'

Viraata Parvam, the upcoming Telugu film starring Rana Daggubati and Sai Pallavi that will release on April 30, will be available on Netflix after its theatrical release, director Venu Udugula told Silverscreen India.

Based on the Naxal movements in Telangana in the 90s, Viraata Parvam “has strong emotional content”, Udugula said.

The director, who has also written the film, said he felt the country’s prevailing political climate was the correct time to make this film. He said he is a sympathiser of Naxalism” and a “bit of a Marxist” as well.

“It is a pure love story but there is a strong political commentary in a Naxal backdrop and the issues during the time like human rights violation, state violence, and other political issues,” he said.

Refusing to divulge details on the events that the film focuses on, Udugula told Silverscreen India that the film was based on real events.

“Not just one, but the film will showcase three-to-four real life and prominent incidents clubbed together. These incidents that we have chosen to showcase have had a very important effect on the Naxal movements,” he said.

In Viraata Parvam, Sai Pallavi will be seen playing a student named Vennela, while Daggubati will be seen as a Naxalite named Comrade Ravanna.

Udugula rubbished rumours of Sai Pallavi’s character being inspired by the folk singer Belli Lalitha.

Sai Pallavi At The 'NGK' Audio & Trailer Launch
Sai Pallavi At The ‘NGK’ Audio & Trailer Launch

The film also has four other prominent roles which will be portrayed by Priyamani, Nandita Das, Zareena Wahab, and Eswari Rao.

“This film is a tribute to women. Nandita Das is playing the character of a human rights activist and a writer. Zarina Wahab is playing Rana Daggubati’s mother but her part is not only a simple “mother” character. Wahab will be seen as a representative of all those mothers who are a part of Naxalism. Sai Pallavi’s Vennela character is a student while Eswari Rao will be seen as Sai’s mother. Priyamani will be seen as a Naxalite. So, all important characters are being played by women in this film,” Udugula said.

Viraata Parvam will mark Das’ comeback in Telugu films after several years.

“She [Nandita Das] was shocked when we approached her. She was like ‘why do you want to cast me? I don’t act anymore, I am a director now’. But I requested her to check the story and decide. After reading it she immediately said okay to the film. The character is such that I did not want commercial artists. I needed some cult faces and Nandita Das was exactly that,” said Udugula.

Currently, the film is in the dubbing stage, he said.

Viraata Parvam is produced by Suresh Productions and Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas. While Dani Sanchez-Lopez is the cinematographer, Suresh Bobbili has composed the film’s music.

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