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Vishal Files Complaint Against Lingusamy


Actor Vishal has lodged a complaint against director Lingusamy, seeking settlement against the financial loss incurred during the pre-production of Sandakozhi 2. The actor, on Thursday, had tweeted that the project has been dropped.

A Times Of India report has quoted Vishal saying “I have waited for 14 months for this film to take off, and when I saw nothing was happening, I took up Kathakali and Marudhu. Now I have completed even those two films, which were actually announced much later. And then, I heard that Lingusamy is starting a new film — I was not aware of it till some 15 days ago. Without even informing me, he went ahead and started this new project. He would definitely have started the pre-production for this project some two months ago, and he could have informed me then. But he told me that he wanted to start the Allu Arjun film next only when I asked about the final draft of my film. Please understand that Lingusamy doing a film with some other hero is not my problem – but he doesn’t even have the basic courtesy to inform me that our film together is not happening. I was the last person to know that my project has been put on hold. That is very unprofessional, and I felt that it would unethical for us to work together on this project anymore. As the producer of the film, I have invested money in the pre-production work. I have also paid advance money to Lingusamy. I wanted to sort out this financial loss amicably, but that didn’t work out, and so, I have now lodged a complaint against him in the producers’ council.”

Meanwhile, Lingusamy stated that he would not like to talk on this issue now, and has confirmed that his next project will be a bilingual with Allu Arjun, and that was why why Sandakozhi 2 was dropped.



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