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Vishal Krishna Backs Nani in Sri Reddy Issue

Vishal At The Irumbu Thirai Trailer Launch

Tamil-Telugu actor Vishal Krishna who raises his voice on various political and social issue has come forward in defense for Nani.

Earlier, actress Sri Reddy accused Nani of being the reason for her not being a part of Big Boss Telugu. The actress also took to social media and shared an explicit post stating that Nani had sexual relations with her.


Appalled by Sri Reddy’s naming game, Vishal said that the actress should provide proper evidence before making ‘outrageous’ allegations against a star like Nani. Talking to the Hindustan Times Vishal said: “I know him well. He is a very good friend of mine. But I am not defending him for personal reasons. This latest accusation by her (Sri Reddy) is perhaps the most outrageous yet. Anybody who knows Nani knows how particular he is in his behaviour towards men and women. She should come forward with evidence of her accusations rather than just naming anyone. It seems like she’s picking her targets randomly. For all we know, I might be the next one to be named by her.”

Talking about the industry, Vishal mentioned that the Telugu film industry was in the thrall of an unprecedented embarrassment. He also added that laws about sex crimes are lopsided, making it is easy for women to make allegations and the law to react on the same.

However, that said, the actor also mentioned that while exploitation exists in the industry, pointing fingers at people with impeccable reputations was definitely not acceptable.