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Vishal Krishna Issues Strong Statement Condemning T Rajendar

TFPC President Vishal Krishna has slammed T Rajendar for berating actor Sai Dhanshika on stage at a recent event. The actor was reportedly offended by Dhanshika’s failure to mention him in her thanksgiving speech and heavily criticised her on stage. This incident caused a flurry on social media, with many offering support to Dhansika.

Vishal, through a statement, said:

“Director TR is a multi-talented senior person. It’s very common for a person on stage to miss mentioning names while addressing a gathering.

I have myself, forgotten to mention or thank certain people or the ones sitting on the dais in the past.”

Vishal noted that while Dhanshika tried to make up for her error, T Rajendar was in no mood to accept her apology.

“Dhanshika apologised and even fell at Mr TR’s feet, after he pointed her out that she missed mentioning his name. Mr TR didn’t pardon Dhanshika who is as old as his daughter.”


Vishal said that it is difficult for women to work in the film industry, and that incidents like these only make things harder.

“It’s very difficult for women to come up in the cine industry. I know Dhanshika very well and people who know her know well that she wouldn’t have done anything like this intentionally.”

He also criticised actors Vidharth and Krishna (who were also on stage) for their failure to do anything about the incident. “It doesn’t matter if they didn’t do anything. At least, they should’ve refrained from clapping and laughing as the scene played out,” Vishal noted.