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Vishal Says Elections Results Will Be A Fitting Answer To His Detractors


Actor Vishal Krishna has said that the results of the upcoming TFPC election will be his answer to all the allegations being levelled against him. The actor has been accused of being a ‘flop’ actor and a liar, in the run-up to the hotly contested elections.

Vishal is no stranger to all this though. In 2015, during the Nadigar Sangam elections, Vishal was insulted by incumbent president Sarath Kumar and his team. He said: “That time also I kept quiet. I answered to all those accusations via winning the election.”


In an interview with TOI, the actor has promised to implement all the benefits he has promised for TFPC members thus far. “I have kept my resignation, signed by all the members of team, ready. If I win the election and if I am not able to implement what I have promised within a year, I will resign in April 2018. This is how we are and this is how we have planned to execute our duties,” he added.