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Vishal Speaks Against Stray Dog Killing in Kerala

Actor Vishal, who has been raising his voice against the (proposed) Nadigar Sangam building and elections, is now opposing stray dog killing in Kerala by participating in a hunger strike at Valluvarkottam. The actor has stated that he is taking part in the strike – organized by People For Cattle in India – as a dog lover.


Malayalam actor Mohanlal recently blamed the state’s poor waste management system for the stray dog menace. In his blog, he declared that Keralites ‘feed these dogs through garbage like they feed their pet dogs’.

“Dogs have turned into [a] Malayali’s nightmare nowadays. Rather than killing the stray dogs, we should think of waste management,” he said.

Actress-choreographer Gayathri Raghuram was also seen participating in the protest. Placards reading ‘Stop Cruelty to Animals’ and ‘Stop Killing Dogs in Kerala’ were being carried by the volunteers.