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Vishal Speaks: Nadigar Sangam Elections Campaign

The Nadigar Sangam elections, earlier scheduled for July 15, had been stayed by the Madras High Court after actors Vishal, Karthi and Nasser filed a petition against that date. Vishal, in an interview with the Vikatan group, spoke candidly on his campaign ideas for the Sangam:


Question: Your camp has suddenly joined hands with theatre artists from all over the place. What happens after the elections? Will you continue to extend support?

Vishal: Are we all not artists? Theatre artists don’t get much recognition. Till date, there has been no proper stage for them to showcase their talents. Naseer has a genuine vision that we should all come under the banner of ‘artists’. That will not change after we win the elections. In fact, sometimes there is more talent with theatre artists than with us. A win in this election will help us bring their talents to the limelight. We want to bring all artists under one roof.

Question: You’ve been talking about the Nadigar Sangam building a lot. Why?

Vishal: We want to erect a building that will be useful for every member of the Sangam. I am totally against building a multiplex in the land of legendary actors like Sivaji and MGR. It is appropriate that this symbolic land should be fruitful for all Sangam members.

Question: What ignited the spark in you to contest the elections?

Vishal: There are a lot of reasons. But the moment I was called a ‘dog’ by Kaalai, my group and I decided to win this election.


Question: After rumours surfaced that Varalaxmi was the reason behind the rift between you and Sarath Kumar, the actress said the rumours were baseless and she would be voting for her father. How do you feel about that?

Vishal: It is Varalaxmi’s decision to vote for whomever she wants. I wouldn’t have a say in that. My only wish is to bring people of all statures to vote at this election.