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Vishal, Vinay Injured On Sets Of ‘Thupparivalan’


Actors Vishal and Vinay were injured on the sets of Thupparivalan in Pichavaram. The crew was shooting some crucial scenes when the actors met with an accident. Vishal suffered a minor injury on his knee, while Vinay hurt his shoulders, a spokesperson said.

According to the spokespersons for both, first aid was immediately administered, following which the shoot continued.


“The injuries are not serious, but they are painful. We are working on a very limited time frame and so the decision was made to carry on with the shoot. To postpone at this stage would mean that our entire schedule would get affected. So, Vishal and Vinay made it clear that they’d rather carry on than take days off for rest.”

Vinay is the villain in Thupparivalan, while Vishal plays a Sherlock Holmesque detective. Prasanna has a pivotal role in this film, that is directed by Mysskin. Currently in the last stages of filming, the movie is slated to release later this year. Arrol Corelli, who debuted with Mysski’s Pisaasu, is the music composer.