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Vishnu Manchu Will Play Hanuman In Hollywood Director’s Mythological

Actor Vishnu Manchu is in talks to star in a multi-lingual mythological drama directed by a Hollywood filmmaker. The film, which will feature Vishnu in the role of Lord Hanuman, is expected to be made in English, Telugu, and Tamil. It will be produced by the actor’s home banner 24 Films Factory. Shooting is likely to start by the end of 2016. While the team hasn’t officially released the name of the international filmmaker yet, two Indian directors are likely to direct the Tamil and Telugu versions. The story will be based on the life of Hanuman and will be made with VFX technology. Hanuman is an important figure in the popular Indian epic Ramayana, as a vanara (monkey) devotee of the Hindu god Rama. The last decade and a half has witnessed several televised depictions of the character in shows revolving around the epic.


Vishnu is planning to bring on board make-up artists and costume designers who worked on the highly successful Hollywood film franchise, Planet of the Apes. The series had its first release in 1968 and continued a successful run with its most recent release in 2014, including in theatres in Chennai. The series has had a worldwide popular impact for its theme of a socially inferior community (in this case, species) seizing control. The realistic costumes and make-up fuelled a popular cultural phenomenon, sparking comics, toys, merchandise, video games, and imitations at science-fiction conventions by fans.