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Visu, Bhagyaraj Trade Barbs Over Writers’ Association’s Trust Funds


Bhagyaraj, the current president of the Writers’ Association, has alleged that director Visu and his team have blocked all efforts to make sure that the new office-bearers are given access to a trust run by the association.


At present, it is believed that only Visu and former office-bearers Piraisoodan, Madhumitha have access to the trust.

Bhagyaraj also alleged that money belonging to the association was illegally transferred to the trust. No due process was followed while doing this, he said.

Visu, through a voice recording released to the media, said that the transfer happened with full knowledge of previous president Vikraman and treasurer Ramesh Khanna. Interestingly, Khanna told Silverscreen that he was not aware of the functioning of the trust and how the money transfer was done.

Visu and Piraisoodan claim that they have a copy of a letter authorizing the bank to conduct the transfer, duly signed by Vikraman and Khanna. It is also said to have been attested by the auditor of the association.

Bhagyaraj told Silverscreen that he wrote about the issue to Visu several times and also spoke to him about the matter. “No progress was made,” he said.

Visu, on the other hand, said that the current office-bearers do have access. “But, they’re trying to use the money (said to be around Rs 37 lakhs) for a cultural function with celebrities. This money is supposed to be used as pension for senior writers (members) and for providing medical assistance, educational loans to our members.”

Bhagyaraj refuted this accusation, however. “We have never considered such a thing. I do not know why such a baseless accusation has gained so much mileage. This cultural function to be organised abroad exists solely in Visu sir’s imagination.”


In a parting shot, Visu has asked Bhagyaraj to take on the mantle of leadership. “Do not heed to the stories of people who want to destroy the association. Be a leader and make your own decisions. Please do not just sign anything people put before you.”

Visu also said that he wants to refrain from commenting further on the dispute. “I am undergoing treatment in the US. I am in the second phase of my treatment and my doctors have asked me to take rest and not involve myself in any thing that can agitate me. So I am going to stop with this. This is my last message.”

Both the factions have registered police complaints against each other. Investigation is currently underway, says a spokesperson for the department.