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Viswasam Trailer Review: Round One In The Battle For Pongal


The rivalry between Viswasam and Petta heats up as the recently released trailer for the former has Ajith mouthing what looks like a comeback to Rajini’s dialogue in Petta.

In the trailer for Petta, Rajini urges his assailants with the pondatti and pulla sentiment to stay away, as he is in the mood to kill people. Following this, fans of Rajini began to post screengrabs from Viswasam of Ajith and Nayanthara holding onto a child.

Now, the very last shot of Viswasam has Ajith as Thookudurai reciting all details required for Aadhaar. His name, the name of his town, his district, his wife’s name and that of his daughters. He also says: ‘Othaikku Othai Vaada’ .

The line could have well been an after thought. But in light of the intensive media coverage of the fact that a Rajinikanth film will go head to head with an Ajith film ahead of Pongal, the dialogue looks like a well-thought out attempt to provoke and keep the social media attention focussed on this and nothing else.

As Thookudurai, Ajith presents a lighter side. He is not the gaunt and sober intelligence operative of Vivegam, thank the good lord. Nor does he remind one of those Veeram and Vedhalam days. Ajith taps into his inner goofball in a few scenes, probably one where he attempts to romance the gorgeous Nayanthara as Niranjana. Which brings me to the most perplexing shot in the trailer. An image of Nayanthara as the ideal farmer’s wife – carrying a bunch of stuff on her head and looking ludicrous in a field (but not as ludicrous as Sayyesha’s Kannukkiniyal).

The villain in this movie says he’s the hero. And the hero says he’s the villain. It’s a free world and everybody can be what they want to be. And do.

Which certainly includes doing bike stunts in a veshti. And translating perazhagu as ‘name booty’ (name beauty).

The colourful Viswasam trailer positions Ajith as a man of the soil at a time when movies have increasingly begun to dabble in themes about protecting our farmers. We do not know yet if this movie would do any good to their cause, because at the end of the day, it is a mass entertainer.

But, every bit counts.

Directed by T Siva, the film has music by D Imman.

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