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VJ Thanikai To Debut In A Thriller Titled ‘Thodupi’

Thanikai, who we have seen as a video jockey in popular Tamil channels, will make his acting debut in the upcoming thriller Thodupi, directed by Dheswin Prem.

First look poster of the film released recently. It featured Thanikai looking bold, and being chased by a few people in one of the pictures. The film is produced by Ajeesh Kumar, and is said to have a new team.

Thanikai spoke to Silverscreen about this first attempt at acting, and said, “It has become common to say that I came to Chennai with an acting dream and started my career in TV channels, and that it has almost been a ten year journey. But this is true even though it sounds repeated… There are many good people like Arivazhagan sir who helped me out with this dream, and gave me a small role in Arun Vijay’s Kuttram 23.”

About Thodupi he says, “They approached after seeing me in the TV shows. That is how I joined the cast. The film will revolve around 3 or 4 characters, and I play the lead. It is a racy thriller, we believe we have given our best and I’m sure audience will also love it.”


Thanikai adds, “It was awesome with the team because we had major portions of the film shot in live locations. We shot in places like Kochi, Alappuzha, Nagarcovil, Kanyakumari and a few others.”

Cinematography for the film is by Ancer Thwayyib. Music is by ‘Soul of South’ band, and background score is by Midhun.

The film is currently in its post production stage and will complete in the next 20 days. A teaser will be out in 10 days, and the audio launch is in January. Film release can be expected in April or May.

Meanwhile, Thanikai he signed up for another film, and its announcements are yet to be made. “It’s a huge budget film by a big producer, well-known director and excellent technicians. Official confirmation will be made in January by the film makers,” he said. Thanikai also stars as Arun Vijay’s friend in director Magizh Thirumeni’s upcoming film Thadam.