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Women Make-Up Artistes Get Recognition


Women make-up artistes can finally work on films without facing any gender bias. According to some extremely conservative rules in the charter of the Cine Costume Make-up Artists and Hairdressers Association, women are not allowed to be make-up artistes and instead, are credited as ‘hairdressers’. This issue was brought to light when Mumbai based Charu Khuarana approached the CCMAA for her make-up artiste card. She was turned away because of her gender, following which she filed a case. The Supreme Court, after listening to the petition, has ruled that the ‘archaic’ clause be deleted and has instructed the CCMAA members to start taking in women members. This holds good for all make-up artistes associations across the country.

Closer home, Bhanu, who had worked for Enthiran, also had a tough time being a makeup artiste. The local artistes association did not allow her to work and only relented when she sought the help of the justice system.