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Work On ’96’ Telugu Remake Still In Early Stages

Prem Kumar’s 96 will be made into a Telugu film shortly. But so far, even the director remains unaware of the finer details in the remake. In conversation with Silverscreen, Prem said:


“Dil Raju and his team watched the film in Chennai and later discussed the movie with me. He has bought the Telugu remake rights and is very interested in 96. Dil Raju is in the United States right now. Nothing else has been confirmed.”

Prem said that even his role in the remake is not confirmed yet. “We just had a general conversation about the film. Nothing is final,” he added.

A spokesperson for Dil Raju said that the team has compiled a list of actors who will be suitable to portray the role of Ramachandran in the Telugu version of the film. “We are looking at popular actors in the industry for the role. It’s still in the initial stages. Rumours that Allu Arjun or Nani are the front-runners is not something that can be confirmed right now. Final decision rests with Dil Raju sir, who is abroad at present,” the spokesperson said.

96 released in October this year. The film rode high on a wave of high school nostalgia and proved to be a hit with the audience. Music composed by Govind Vasantha was critically and commercially successful as well.


The film marked the directorial debut of C Prem Kumar, who began his career as a cinematographer. The success of his debut film though, has been tarnished by allegations of plagiarism. An associate of director Bharathiraja, Suresh, claimed that the core story of 96 is a blatant copy of his own script titled 92. He alleged that many of the scenes in 96 were directly lifted from his script. Bharathiraja has come out in support of Suresh. However, the fact that Suresh has not registered his script has made his claim less effective.